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JANUARY | 2019




Mickey Mouse watches are cool! I remember waiting for my first watch, for what seemed to be a full year, which is a very long time for a curly headed third grader in the late 70’s. I was totally convinced that the watch would make me happier than I already was, that people would look at me in awe, and that the watch would make me the most popular boy at Eliot Elementary School.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just last week I purchased two watches. I didn’t hesitate making the choice and purchase, I only imagined the impact each was sure to make on my overall look. Morris Day would be glad to know that watches are selling and becoming even more impressive as time marches on. But why, in 2019, are men still interested in something that was considered a fad in the early twentieth century? What was once marketed to the military as an alternative to the most then popular pocket watch, became as it remains, a fashion statement that speaks volumes about the man who wears it.

Maybe you’re similar to my third grade self in knowing the value of a watch that speaks your name, and in knowing that people will notice and admire the gadget on your wrist. I can’t speak for the rates in which your selection will lead your popularity to soar, but I do know that, without a doubt, you’ll walk tall and the only other thing that will outshine your watch will be your pride. And, since every occasion sets a demand for a different watch, we’re kicking off this year’s style by offering you guidance to aid you in identifying your style as it pertains to selecting a timepiece that timelessly matches your style and personality. Spend a little time with us this month as we review four of the most essential watches of 2019.



The Look: Joseph Abboud Silver Dial Leather Strap Men's Watch (     $45.99     ) by Joseph Aboud.

The Look: Joseph Abboud Silver Dial Leather Strap Men's Watch ($45.99) by Joseph Aboud.

The Cadillac of timepieces, dress watches visibly function at their best when they are understated and allow their wearer to project his character. The rule for the dress watch is that it must be modest in size, thin to ensure that it rests unnoticed under your cuff until you need it, and is attached to a leather strap. Remember that even though we’re talking about dress watches, the less is more rule still applies. You’ll want to keep the dress watch at the top of your roster and pair it with whatever suit, tux or casual business attire you have at your disposal. Remember, you don’t want to over do it, so do your best to stray from timepieces that are flashy or ostentatious in style, because the only thing this watch should ooze is class. Keep in mind that Roman numerals, simple faces and, again, leather straps will go further than excessive adornments. Our concern is to pull off a look and not to reach Zordon at the command center!

The options are almost limitless when it comes to to perfect dress watch, but the decision is ultimately yours. Consider this month’s suggestion by Joseph Aboud. This silver-dialed leather strapped watch features a silver analog dial and a 43mm x 50 mm round case. It boasts a quartz movement, a buckle clasp. The only thing the beats its style is its affordability which proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to exude elegance.


Nothing makes any anything more stylish than its history, and the same can be said of the aviator watch. Aviator watches are sleek in their design and boast features that are as complex as they are complicated. They promote a sense of mystery, an air of adventure and an undeniable sense of direction. How sexy is that? However, this isn’t what the creator of this watch was going  for as before it was a status symbol, it was a functional gift between pilots. Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos- Dumont received the world’s first aviator watch after complaining about not being able to track his time with the use of his pocket watch in flight. This would have basically been equivalent to texting and driving by today's standards. Well, as luck would have it, Santos- Dumont’s friend Louis Cartier, crafted a wrist watch with an easy to read dial and numeric markings, making him one of the first men to replace his pocket watch, something that was normally only worn by women.  Since then the watch has become one of the most recognizable across brands and models and has established itself as a piece of American timepiece history.

The Look: Waterproof stainless steel case round shape crown and silver stainless steel mesh bracelet with laser engraved logo on clasp, ($64.95) by Aviator

The Look: Waterproof stainless steel case round shape crown and silver stainless steel mesh bracelet with laser engraved logo on clasp, ($64.95) by Aviator

You can be a part of this history with this  waterproof stainless steel Aviator Chronograph watch. This timepiece easily exceeds expectations with its mesh bracelet and Miyota Japanese quartz movement which ensures that the device always provides accurate time. Its crystal mineral glass keeps its dial protected, is seven times harder than acrylic and can withstand wear and tear with its scratch and resistant proof finishing. This watch is equipped with a white dial to allow wearers to read time in low lighting and has a steel mesh band that fastens with a hook buckle clasp to keep it in place. This feature is as affordable as it is stylish and is a part of the Aviator F Series vintage traveler’s collection. We’re beyond certain that you’ll enjoy this Russian inspired piece which is available for purchase now on Amazon.


Motorsport put that thing in sport!  Rev up your wrist with a totally irresistible driving watch. Driving watches normally possess chronographs with two or three sub dials which can be used to record lap times and a tachymeter around the bezel to be used in measuring speeds. While these specialized watches are normally worn by actual race car drivers, they remain a favorite collectible among those of us who haven’t pushed our cars past the 100 MPH mark.  These watches are as expensive as they are respected and many models are made in limited numbers. Manufactures only produce certain models for a year or two to avoid flooding the market and to ensure that there’s always a demand, which increases the cost. However pricey they can be, they are great investments and one of the most fashionably functional watches on the list.

The Look: Collection,stainless steel, Calibre 16 self-winding Swiss chronograph watch, black bezel features the tachymeter scale for calculating speed ($2995), Tag Heuer

The Look: Collection,stainless steel, Calibre 16 self-winding Swiss chronograph watch, black bezel features the tachymeter scale for calculating speed ($2995), Tag Heuer

There’s almost no greater bond than the one existing between a man and his car, which makes the driving watch the perfect accessory for anyone with a need for style and speed. Dedicate your time to the fastest pick on this list with three of Tag Heuer’s Goodwood Festival of Speed commemorative watches! These watches give both spectators and wearers a lot to look at with their combinations of anthracite dials and racing stripes that serve as a nod to traditional racing suits. Each of these three models possess a 43MM stainless steel case, a Calibre 16 self-winding chronograph movement that displays the time in an hour-minute format and includes the date as well. Its bezel is black and features a tachymeter scale for speed and it worth every dollar you’ll spend on it!



The Look: Apple Watch Series 4; Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Loop, 40 MM (from $399

The Look: Apple Watch Series 4; Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Loop, 40 MM (from $399

The smartwatch is the perfect mix of time and technology and became a trend in 2015. Four years later the smartwatch has not only become a status symbol, but a style symbol as well. While first and second generation models were unattractive, to say the least, we now exist in a time where the designs are as attractive as they are plentiful. There is literally a model and brand for everyone so finding the watch that works best for you will be the least of your worries, however our pick is the Apple Watch Series 4.

This is watch is the future of time and technology and functions as more than just a simple timepiece. Every aspect of the Apple Watch Series 4 has been thoughtfully and thoroughly considered as it boasts the largest Apple watch display to date, and it's curvy corners give a more pleasing, continuous appearance that allows imagery and the touch surface to extend to the farthest reaches of the screen. Its face now allows users to see and do more and its brand specific Digital Crown system has been reduced in size but includes 21 percent more components. Some of the watch’s features include and updated optical heart sensor, a comprehensive activity tracker and a walkie talkie feature that’ll allow users to make that call to Zordon at the command center in style. This is the first watch in history to literally have your back as it’ll send SOS emergency calls in your stead, will call 911 and emergency contacts for you in the event that you can’t.

I’ve come a long way since third grade, and have come even further since my high school fixation with Prince’s The Time.  Morris Day, the animated lead singer in all of his retro cool outfits and self-indulgent and self-adoration, was fixated on the time, yelling to the band and the adoring fans; What time is it?”  What time is it? It is time to watch four it. Complete your watch essentials by checking out the four styles that best fit your lifestyles. Resolve to be on time in 2019, by showing up on time, prepared to walk into your destiny. I will be watching you and expecting great things from you. Watch Four it.

Jeremy Carter