A Gentleman's Guide







We’re not one a hundred percent certain, but we’re at least ninety percent sure that the men’s underwear industry not only exists, but thrives because of us. While most straight men don’t put too much pride into their underwear or their types, we are a different breed. Men’s underwear were never meant to be for public consumption, but a lot has changed since the ancient Egyptians started using loin cloths to wrap their wigglers. From that simple cock covering cloth came an almost infinite variety of boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks, and today our options are endlessly limitless. 

Hey, Beaux! Spend a little time with The Dapper Black Box and discover this month’s feature Learn more here and join for a monthly subscription service like no other!

Hey, Beaux! Spend a little time with The Dapper Black Box and discover this month’s feature Learn more here and join for a monthly subscription service like no other!

The origin story of your grandfather’s brief is that its creator was inspired by a postcard he’d received from a friend vising the French Riviera that featured a man wearing a form-fitting suit. The styles varied and consisted of full rise, low rise, and mid rise. Boxer shorts found their beginnings when Jacob Golomb, found of the Everlast brand, designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks worn by boxers. Go figure. Although they weren’t as popular as the brief, they held steady, and some men, for whatever reason, still wear them today.  

The genesis of the boxer brief is often debated, but its safe to say that they came about as the perfect solution to those who found regular briefs too restrictive, and boxer shorts as being too loose. Jockstraps rank as being the most purposeful of the quartet of underwear styles as they were intentionally designed to bike messengers and deliverymen. Since then they’ve remained as one of the most influential pieces of underwear, and our essentially the male version of lingerie.

We all love a good pair of underwear. They’re form fitting, accentuate our curves and angles, and come in a variety of complementary colors, styles, and fits. The promote confidence, make us feel sexy, and will almost always result in a few hundred instagram likes and Twitter impressions. Shoes, shirts, and neckties are cute, but nothing is sexier than a Beaux in pair of well fitting undies! That’s way this month we’re spending a little time with three of Reignbeaux Lux’s newest favorite pairs of underwear. None of which, are boxers.



Let’s go ahead and kick things off with Champ Boxers, one of the few reputable black owned underwear companies we could find. The creative minds behind Champ Boxers have established themselves to such a degree that they’ve caught the attention of celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Michael Jordan and Ronald Epps. It might be fair to assume that these guys were trying to find a black owned underwear company for men in the same ways we were. Luckily for us all, Champ has the game on lock. One of the things that makes Champ valuable is that they understand our bodies, and realize sometimes we need...er...a little extra support.

Jawwaad Saleem, the man behind the brand has more than accomplished his mission of providing us with a premium product, which is why we’re kicking things off by spending a little time with Champ Boxers! Potential customers will find a simple but complete trio of editions (Motherland, Royale & Vintage) with prices ranging from $20.00 to $40.00.  Featured below you’ll find the Vintage edition, which is our official top choice. The Vintage edition comes with three pair of premium quality cotton stretch boxer briefs in olive green, dark gray, and navy blue, and can be purchased in sizes from 28 (small) up to a size 50(3XL). One of the most noticeable features is the old gold embroidered “Champ” logo and the waist band, which is sure to serve as a constant reminder of one of the best choices you’ll have ever made in underwear.


Jockmail been providing some of the sexiest underwear known to man since 2017, and the brand never disappoints! We strongly suggest adding a few pairs of their underwear to your collection, especially if you enjoy a modern Eurasian vibe! Their underwear are made of high quality soft combed cotton which can be expensive, but don’t worry, because they’re not passing the cost on to you! They provide a wide variety of products in just about every size and you’re sure to enjoy the way their products look and feel. While they boast a seemingly endless collection, the best feature about their fashion is that it's affordable- and you know how much we appreciate that!

Spend a little time with Jockmail’s JM305 BRIEF, which comes in white (featured), navy, blue and black. These stylish underwear are as comfortable as they are versatile, breathe, and are sweat resistant. You’re definitely gonna need all of these features as hot as it is. Outside of them being some of the most fashionable underwear on this month’s list, their low rise design is sure to draw the eyes of any Beaux fortunate enough to see you in them to the prize. Remember, we love affordable fashion, which is why it shouldn’t be any surprise that we’re deeply in love with this item’s $12.99 price point.


Adonis, as a brand has one mission, and that mission is to make you feel as empowered and as comfortable as possible! Although the company is just shy of celebrating its fifth year, it has sustained its reputation for providing its customers with some of the most daring styles and its designs are unmatched. With their affordable prices and confidence boosting pieces, you’ll definitely want to spend as much time with them as possible! Their brand includes a generous assortment of briefs, boxer trunks, and jockstraps; all of which are crafted from the highest quality of fabrics. 

So why did we include them on this list? Can you see? Adonis has earned its reputation as being one of the sexiest underwear brands of all time, and nothing demonstrates that better than our top pick from their latest releases. Enter, if you dare, the Garden of Eden Blue Brief! These briefs have got to be one of the hottest releases of 2019, and you’d literally have to be blind to miss the statement they make. Equipped with a bold, extra-wide waistband, a back cutout design, sheer see-through fabric on the sides, and a back cutout to ensure easy access, the Garden of Eden Brief establishes itself as THE thing to be seen in. Its $25.00 price tag won’t break the bank, but we’re almost certain that you and your Beaux will be breaking the bed after he gets a glimpse of you in these! These briefs are fairly low maintenance and can be easily washed with like colors, and are a cotton-spandex mix. You won’t want to miss out on the chance to show out in these. Head on over to Adonisunderwear.com now and check them, and few others, out!

Science has told us time and time again that we, as men, are visual creatures to a fault- and nothing will catch our attention faster than a pair of form fitting drawers. Once upon a time we lived in a society where showing underwear was considered to be embarrassing, where having them visible above the waistline was considered offensive. But oh, how times have changed! Underwear have broken free from their not-to-be-seen existence and have found themselves smack dab in the middle of being a multi billion dollar industry.

We’ve been known to care a lot about fashion, but it's not always superficial. A large number of us pay just as much, if not extra, attention to what we wear under our clothes as well. Our underwear collections give us the opportunity to express our personality and sense of style to those fortunate enough to see us in them, and their versatility almost never leaves anything left to desire. So as we stand on the edge of the end of the first official Hot Boy Summer, we should consider spending what little time we have left of the season with soft wear that, when properly worn, will indite and invite the hardware it deserves.