A Gentleman's Guide





Shopping is exciting and requires a lot of thought for anyone wishing to fall comfortably into a new season without looking like a caricature of their former self. It is assumed that we, as Beauxs wear several hats, both figuratively and literally. We are educators, business owners, artists, event planners and bloggers who are constantly reinventing ourselves. Many of us whisk through office spaces while preparing reports and presentations, meeting with project managers, and greeting clients in our white collar oceans of light blue shirts, black skinny ties and charcoal grey slacks. If we're not careful we'll be mistaken as clones of the stereotypical office worker. But have no fear because we're dishing out style tips with our inaugural fashion guide to help you redefine your look for the fall!

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Oxfords work for a variety of smart and casual looks that are versatile enough to transcend the run of the mill office environment. They communicate your dedication to investing in your style and can be worn at your fraternity's annual luncheon, a happy hour gathering or a house party. Execute the Oxford by pairing it with the perfect pant. Oxfords are not only versatile but they come in many colors as well. It just depends on the look you're attempting to effect. The Oxford is a popular go-to for many Beauxs and can be paired with slacks, jeans or khakis as either work well with the shoe’s low-heel and exposed ankle.


Ralph Lauren continues to lead chest first with his Purple Label’s button down shirt tailored in Italy from knit cotton fabric that offers a high yarn count and signature mother of pearl buttons. Formal enough for the office, yet comfortable and exciting enough for a swanky bar for drinks and appetizers, this classic button down never fails. The line offers slim fit in cinnamon, mocha, and other colors perfect for standout fall fashion moments. Finish the look off with a leather messenger bag of the same color as oxfords to create an esthetic that garners more interest in you rather than the work you do. The Look: The Casual Classy Mashup Tan Strap Cap Toe Oxford ($425) by Allen Edmond; Slim Narrow Jeans ($195) by RRL. Hits, Likes and Social Trending Spots


Autumn nights tend to be a bit chilly, so you're just going to have to select the wrap and footwear that’s best for your occasion. Whether you're meeting for the first time or have been together for years, you want to look like you put effort into your date night look. Luckily, fall is just about the best time to do this. Whether you are hopping on and off Manhattan’s subways, bustling through traffic down Michigan Ave shopping, or visiting museums in D.C., layering is the name of the game. The most breathable pieces are those closest to your skin, and the heavier ones function as protective layers against the chill.

Michael Kors is trending a classic lightweight khaki trench for the fall that promises to complement an array of footwear from classic wheat Timberland boots to the Allen Edmond oxfords. Repel the gender based stereotype that all men enjoy working on cars and are interested in sports by choosing a wrap and a pair of go to boots that best fits your unique style of life. The Look: Wrap it Up classic tan Collin Slim Fit Rain trench coat ($199) by Michael Kors.


Fall temperatures affect those of us who are committed to the gym, walking or running outside, or who just love wearing sporting gear simply because it’s cool. If you're running outside, taking Tai Chi classes, or heading over to the gym, it’s crucial that you have the right gear. Avoid stereotypical athletic gear that fails to lend itself to functionality. Check out Under Armor’s long-sleeve compression shirts that allow you to move your body as needed and they don't overheat you. In fact, they often wick away at sweat. Leggings also give you that extra warmth you need if you head outside for a workout.

When the time comes to kick back, relax, and take a breather, you want to be completely comfortable. Some might not consider them pajamas, but please give yourself permission to wear them on your days off. The Look: Body under Construction ColdGear Compression Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirt ($49.99), ColdGear Compression Reactor Leggings ($27.97) both by Under Armour. No matter where you're heading in the autumn, be it from work to the gym or out on a date there’s a look that's well-suited for you.

No matter the occasion, this fall, prepare to arrive looking your very best in a newly redefined and reimagined style for the many roles you play. Defy stereotypes within your various roles and find inspiration to become more unique, more authentic, and much more stylish.

Jeremy Carter