A Gentleman's Guide





Every season has its perks. The spring grants us the permission to pastel as we indulge in overtures of areo baby blues, cameo pinks, and dark sea greens. Spring coats, colorful socks, vertical stripes, and side-striped pants lay in the wake of Persephone’s mythological return. The ingress of summer accompanied by brightly colored graphic tees, tropical weight wools, wrinkle resistant linens, and all white vans. And while the winter spells hibernation for some of our furry friends,  we confront her cold in armors made from wool, dark denim jeans, casually crafted cardigans and any form of boot we desire. However great these seasons may be for men’s fashion, none match the cool and wet of autumn. Sure the days get shorter, but there’s no better way to spend what little daylight we have than by marveling at the chemical symphony of the changing of the leaves. Whether you prefer the autumn or the fall, both are a time for fashion expression. So get ready to layer up and grab your hot chocolate as we’re dressing you from head to toe with three autumn essentials in this month’s Fun Fall Fashion.  


While we’re not in the throes of winter (yet), the arctic winds will inevitably make their way down to cool our orders. Until then we’re stuck with the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jive temperament of Indian summer. One of the best parts about this time of year is that it gives us the opportunity to showcase our ability to adapt our style on the fly. Spend a little time with this month’s Cotton Roll Neck Jumper by ASOS ($32.00) and pair it with this badass Wilsons Leather Moto-Inspired Genuine Leather Jacket w/ Zipper Details ($479.99). Trust us, you’re going to need some protection as the daytime temperatures give way to evening chills.


And while we’re on the subject of leather jackets, consider keeping one in your collection this season as they are as functional as they are fashionable. You can dress them up with a pair of slacks or down with just about any variation of denim you can imagine. They are extremely versatile in style and come in multiple variations. You can effect the Carolina Knight Rider look with the basic black biker jacket, camouflage yourself among the vibrant array of the season’s flora and fauna with a basic brown or explode onto any scene with a bomber.

Let's face it, we don’t have as many opportunities to accessorize as we’d like. Sure, we can throw on the occasional watch or necktie every now and again but sometimes the weather doesn’t allow us to express just how much we really like to accessorize. The rise of fall gives us carte blanche when it comes to accessorizing as the falling temps signal the arrival of the scarf and glove, two of our favorite accessories.  Scarves are multifaceted style pieces and can be employed to retain heat, as protection from the sun and most importantly, as a way to express one’s style. The scarf has been slept on for too long and its far past time that we put some respek on its name. It's a versatile piece and can be crafted from wool (although we’re not sure why anyone would want that), silk, cotton, fleece, and cashmere, and can be fashioned into a variety of width’s, lengths and colors to suit any style. Fall into this month’s top scarf picks by melifluos, where you’ll find exceptional styles at reasonable prices.

The safe sex slogan, “no glove, no love” came about during a time when most of us hadn’t mastered the art of keeping our own gloves together as a set. Once upon a time gloves (of their evil underdeveloped twin, the mitten) were the bane of our existences. Whether it was because they were uncomfortable, unfashionable or because of the sensory processing issues they caused, a lot of us couldn’t care less about our hands being cold because…well, have you ever tried to tie your shoes with a pair of gloves on?? At any rate, gloves are an essential winter accessory as they keep our hands moisturized and stave off frostbite. There comes a time in our lives when we going to need a good pair of grown-up gloves and we’ve got just the brand for you. Elevate your glove game this season by giving some consideration to sporting a pair Redwing Heritage’s best gloves. Trust, you’ll do anything but keep these rolled up in your top drawer, and their sophisticated quality will have you building entire looks around them.


Every season comes with its benefits and Fall, by far, comes with the most. Outside of the reemergence of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, apple cider and that coveted extra hour of sleep we all so desperately need, fall has a lot to offer. It gives us a chance to reacquaint ourselves with a whole slew of style options that would have otherwise remained stuffed in the back of our closets as we conceded to rising temperatures. With autumn we get to accessorize that knit sweater we’ve been photographed in more times then we care to recall with our favorite leather jacket and accent scarf. So spend a little time in praise this season as sweater weather is certainly upon us and the time to fall into fashion is now.

Jeremy Carter