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MAY | 2019

MAY | 2019 | STYLE



The official first day of summer won’t occur until June 21st, however, given the winter that many of us have endured, early isn’t early, but on time! The days are slowly but surely getting longer and the rise in temperatures are a reminder that our wardrobe selections need to be shorter and lighter. If you’ve been following us for a while you know that we strive to promote style over fashion because what you wear doesn’t matter as much as how you wear it! And, in keeping with this tradition, we’re going to spend a little time featuring some of our with some of our own hand picked summer essentials!



You don’t have to be an iPhone carrier to get a little facetime, and the proof of that is in the Alaffia pudding. We’re not sure where the misconception that our melanin infused skin erases the need for sunscreen finds its genesis, but trust us-- we do sunburn! Sunscreen not only helps to fight off skin cancer, it aids in keeping the dark spots at bay and prevents our skin from looking aged as well. You can walk around without sunscreen all you’d like, but keep playing and you’re going to learn that black does, can, and will crack!  Play it safe with Alaffia’s coconut face lotion and help reduce the risk of burns. This product will give your skin the moisture it deserves and is filled with antioxidants for added protection.

Alaffia has been redefining natural products since it official establishment in 2004 and is named after a common greeting from central Togo, Benin and Nigeria that translates to “a state of peace, health and well-being”. You can spend a little time with them here, and feel free to check out their wide variety of moisturizers, lotions, and soaps!




There’s nothing sexier than a Beaux in a well fitted polo shirt, and we think you all know that as much as we do! Outside of the typical sports jersey, the polo shirt is the only other piece of clothing we could think of that’s transitioned from the world of sports to the world of style. What was once reserved for the British ruling class has become a staple in the wardrobes of mere commoners as they adhere to their company’s business casual dress code or uniform requirements. Despite finding itself halfway between the not so dressy t-shirt and the interview- only dress shirt, the polo has proven to us time and again that its as versatile as many of us imagine Omari Hardwick to be if he were gay.  The polo shirt is something we consider as being an essential part of any summer wardrobe. They give us a chance to show off the summer bodies we’ve worked so hard for as they provide the perfect fit for any Beaux’s form. Check out some of our seasonal faves below!



There’s always an alternative for the Beaux who doesn’t find himself as a fan of the skinny jean. Those of us who’ve tried and failed to include them in our wardrobes know all too well the struggle they present. You’ve got to wiggle your way into them, adjust your meat accordingly, and their level of comfort leaves a lot to be desired. However, life is always about choices, and when it comes to finding an alternative to skinny jeans, let the slim fit be your guide! Slim fitting jeans hug our lower regions without completely hugging our lower region, if you know what we mean.

The cut is tightened down from the thigh to the calves and work well in lengthening the look of our legs. Although this cut comes highly recommended, we’ve got to be vigilant about our thick thighs and thicker behinds. Be mindful of these things but feel free to spend a little time playing around with different cuts, colors and accessories- but please, no blets. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite pairs of slim fits which will hopefully inspire you to be slim thicc, wit yo cute ass. Spend a little time with this May’s slim fit pick by visiting Zara here!



The short pant has come a long way from being confined to school aged kids and sporting event, and have been summer staple since any of us can remember. While denim shorts is always an option, Khaki shorts are almost always the mood for a summer social gathering. Khaki shorts are versatile in length and can be worn at, below or above the knee. While the latter is generally the fan favorite, we encourage you to play around with these options until you find something that suits your personal style.

Despite the fact that these shorts are ½ of the “do you know who my father is?” uniform, Khakis can be as functional as they are formal. Some will advise against dressing them up too much, but as we always say, “fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it”. If you’re looking for new ways to wear them then consider exploring colors outside of the typical beige, khaki or tan and informally introduce some reds, greens and yellows. These colors will not only reflect your personality and unique sense of style, but they’ll ensure that you stand out the way you’re supposed to! Spend a little time with of our ASOS summer favorites below.



Colorful sneakers are cute, but nothing spells summertime class like the all white sneaker.  Regardless of whether they’re low or high cut, made of premium leather or canvas, you can pair them with any style without the sweat. If you’re short on cash and need to put together a quick look, the all white sneaker is your best bet as you can wear these babies with just about anything! White effortlessly syncs with almost every color and you can never go wrong with the basics.

They can be comfortably paired with khaki and denim alike, and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that they can be rocked with almost everything on this list. Suave it up with a polo and denim jeans, or a pair of beige chino’s with a solid color tee. You’ll always have the option of breaking up the formal monotony by wearing a full suit with a pair of white sneakers to pull off a stylish look or effect a casually smart look with your all whites, some denim, a tee and a snazzy blazer. Never underestimate the power of the all-white, but always spend a little time with some of our all white shoe selections below!



Jersey shorts might not find their origin in the Garden State, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a ripper while taking a casual stroll down thuh bawrds. Jersey shorts exist more for comfort than they do style, but luckily you can style anything any way you see fit. Many of us might have a knock-around pair for house wear only, but we’ve gotta be careful that we’re not sleeping on these fashion gems. Keep in mind that their material is a lot different from those of the typical polyester that sports jerseys are made from. They breathe.

This is the main reason we consider them as a summer time essential, because two things that don’t mix are fabrics that don’t breathe and heat.  Consider pairing your jersey shorts with a lightweight cotton tee, and a pair of low cut all white sneakers. And before you dive face first into a basket of disco fries, or our top pick of the month, there’s one more thing our lawyers want us to say… LOTION THOSE LEGS! Check out some of our faves for the month below, and check out BOOHOO for more options.

Summer is here, and it’s about to be hot. Hot, hot. We can never be too prepared when it comes to keeping our looks in order. Remember to keep that skin in line by applying plenty of SPF, while rocking the painted on polo shirt to show off that work you’ve been putting in at the gym. Whether you’re stylishly sliding yourself into a pair of slim fitting denims, an above the knee khaki, or jersey short, make sure you have those lean all-whites on deck to confidently complete the look.  

Jeremy Carter