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MAY | 2018



Eddie S. Pierce, Jr.
The Art of Love

Hey Beauxs! We hope you’re enjoying this month’s round of updates. We know that the tone of this month’s issue has been heavy, but worry not!  We’re going to do our best to lighten the mood as we’re pleased to have Chicago native author, Eddie S.Pierce Jr., as our feature for this month’s Black, Gay, and Gifted.


Pierce, who considers himself to be a fiction and prose writer, has created a name for himself within the SGL writing community with his LOVE series. We have never, and will never gaslight anyone, but we stand in solidarity with Wisconsin Gazette's Gregg Shapiro, who gave Eddie a well-deserved nod by stating that he was capable of filling the void left in the African American SGL literary community after the passing of E. Lynn Harris. Facts.

Pierce released his first self-published work LOVE: Something Infinite while simultaneously launching Rainbow Room Publishing, LLC. Two years later he gave readers the gift of LOVE: From Behind, which was followed by LOVE Changes.

Pierce uses his platform to address two very hard-hitting social issues, HIV/AIDS awareness and advocacy and homophobia in and outside of the Black Church. “Both have touched me, [as] an individual [living] with HIV/AIDS and [as] one who has witnessed and grew from direct and indirect instances of homophobia in the Black Church. Eddie addresses these types of issues in LOVE: Something Infinite and LOVE: From Behind.


Pierce, who holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Chicago State University is reveling in the fact that his seven-year pursuit to become an author and a publisher has come to fruition, but it hasn’t always been an easy road.

We were afforded the opportunity to pick Eddie’s brain with regards to how aspiring authors can grow and the challenges they may encounter along the way.

First and foremost it is said that writers must read. To that, I add continue to expose yourself to writing in your genre but think outside of the box.” As a novelist, Pierce admits to pulling ideas for stories from personal experience and the deep running wells of his imagination. “Whatever stimulates my imagination. I'm always observing and often unconsciously examining the mechanics of a narrative.”

He’s not alone in this, as according to thejohnfox.com, the magic behind overcoming writer’s block isn’t as complicated as one might assume. Some of the suggestions offered by the authors of the site include exercise, travel, reading things that don’t interest you, and (this last one sounds pretty fun) writing while drunk.

Pierce also encourages aspiring writers to expect the unexpected. “I sincerely wish I could supply a comprehensive map of all the pitfalls and crooked paths to the literary summit of publishing a book, but it is beyond my ability.” Despite this, Eddie suggests that writers strive to be as flexible, diligent, creative, and intentional as they can be.

Write when you can. Read and expose yourself to high art in all forms. Surround yourself with a support system that will continually encourage you, push you and remind you of your dream when you inevitably will be tempted to quit or put your dream to the side.”


Eddie humbly believes that his success is the result of hard work and, most importantly, patience. “What I have been blessed to accomplish isn't magic. It is the provision of a God who is no respecter of persons, a faith in the Divine above as well as the divine within”. Pierce also believes that his abilities and aspirations aren’t specifically unique to himself and firmly states that if he can find success in writing, anyone can.

We know that by now many of you are dodging social media to avoid being bombarded by Kanye’s shenanigans or to avoid spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. If this is the case then we’re more than happy to provide you with a brief synopsis of his work and strongly recommend checking it out to avoid being told which Avengers die and how.

LOVE: Something Infinite follows the character of Seron Wright Jr who was described by James Earl Hardy Jr, the author of the best selling B-Boy Blues series "as a (Black SGL) Everyman. Struggling to define manhood--and, by extension, himself--in a world that too often refuses to recognize him as a man."

LOVE: From Behind serves as a gritty yet confirming response to the first novel, and it's passive approach to issues regarding how manhood is and perhaps should be defined. Where Seron and LOVE: Something Infinite are contemplative, LOVE: From Behind is intentionally sexually charged, remotely misogynistic tones and it's type a central character Lee Robinson who openly and colorfully rebukes supporting homophobic institutions including the church are anything but passive.

RBX BANNER 3(2).png

LOVE Changes is a trade paperback collection of four short stories following characters readers have come to know and love from LOVE: Something Infinite, and LOVE: From Behind including; "Calvin," his first love, "Rodney," the love of his life, "Shereè," the sister of his heart, and the dreamer, the writer himself, "Seron." The former three stories are each currently available as e-books also at rainbowroompublishing.com.


LOVE Changes is available now for Presale and scheduled for a May 15th release date and draws in the perspectives of the principal cast of characters above, answering many of the readers' questions while building to the anticipated, climactic and satisfying end to the series, LOVE: After Sex in late 2019 or early 2020.

We can guarantee that you won’t regret supporting this brother in his efforts as he really has a knack for storytelling. What’s more interesting is the way in which he pulls from his own personal experiences to create stories that keep the reader as involved with the plot as they are entertained by it. “I keep pushing because someone needs to see me succeed and, in turn, know that they, too, can accomplish their dreams. Rainbow Room Publishing, LLC hopes to play a part in the fruition of as many of those dreams as possible.”

For more information on author Eddie S. Pierce, visit Rainbow Room Publishing at rainbowroompublishing.com. Additionally, you may find all of Pierce’s books for sale on Amazon.com

Jeremy Carter