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MARCH | 2018

MARCH | 2018 | STYLE


B O D Y  I N  A  B O T T L E

With winter on the way out and Spring quickly approaching, it is time for us to consider a fragrance that best represents the dawning of the Beaux we choose to be.  With that in mind, consider shedding your old heavy winter fragrances and consider Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne from the House of Gaultier for your choice this season.

Gaultier launched Le Male cologne in 1995. Not only does this fragrance have staying power, but the now-famous and recognizable Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male perfume succeeds in appealing to a wide range of men thanks to its unique blend of woody undertones with sharp, oriental scents.

This sexy, simple scent is colloquially known as the “man in a can” due to its unique packaging.  This is exactly why we included it in this month’s feature.  No matter what you refer to it as, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male cologne is an appealing men’s fragrance that men often find irresistible.

With its bold packaging and its iconic design that would look at home as a statue in a 90’s gay bar , it remains one of the most coveted fragrances and is most likely to come up missing from your home after a wild party or hot date.

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Gaultier, who has had his own clothing label since 1976, is considered one of fashion’s most influential and inventive designers. He finds a lot of ordinary things delightful; in fact, he is one of the most consistently enthusiastic designers that the industry of style has seen.

While other designers such as Christian Lacroix and John Galliano, riffed on opulence and luxury, Gaultier was and still is, interested in what he saw on the street: London kids with sky-high Mohawks and safety-pinned kilts, fetishists with full-body tattoos, African women in Paris who wore men’s overcoats on top of traditional dress. His fantasy world was one where ethnicity and gender were comfortably jumbled.  When thinking Gaultier, think creativity and any and everything but common.

Jean Paul Gaultier by Jean Paul Gaultier Colognes could best be described as simply sophisticated and seductive. The quintessential men’s scent has an irresistible effect and an unforgettable impact. Le Male masterfully combines the traditional masculine floral element of lavender with cooling mint, tart orange bergamot and cardamom’s sweet, spicy accent. The result is provocative.  

The combination of fresh aroma infused herbs, lavender and mint on one hand and warm, seductive vanilla and amber on the other is so skillfully done that it evokes romantic feelings and confidence unlike no other.

Heads will turn when they smell this bold fragrance on you.  It is not necessary for you to have the sculpted body like the one of the bottle to be noticed with this selection.

Le Male has spanned two decades and continues to thrive and has earned its place not only in the ranks of iconic men’s fragrances, but in the Beaux’s life as well.  The scent comes off as being both mature and youthful while allowing its wearer to be playful, romantic and sexy while simultaneously being focused, driven and fashion forward.

This spring promises to be memorable. And as we enter the season we must be consciously aware that fragrance is fashion and must be as strategically selected as one would select the perfect pair of jeans, sunglasses, or garment.  This spring’s fragrance is an essential fashion selection and the ultimate accessory.  The House of Gaultier’s Le Male awaits you.


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