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JUNE | 2018

JUNE | 2018 | STYLE

The Art of Achieving Snapshot Fashion Readiness.

A picture was once worth a thousand words, but now, thanks to social media, a picture may be worth a thousand followers

By utilizing social media to share your carefully crafted photos, you can effortlessly communicate your fashion sensibilities to the masses. These snapshots not only chronicle who you are in the cyber friendly fashion world at a particular point in time, but they canonize your true sense of style as well.

But have you ever stopped to wonder how to prepare for posting these potentially viral photos?  How will the posts of you hopping in and out of Ubers throughout St. Louis’ midtown be seen? What methods can you employ to ensure that the pictures of you jogging through Manhattan's Central Park before heading back to Harlem stand out amongst Instagram’s nearly 500 million active monthly users?

This month in style, we’re taking a look at three social media personalities who have mastered the art of achieving photo fashion readiness.


Instructed by @donlemoncnn
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CNN anchor Don Lemon, the host of Tonight with Don Lemon, always dresses the part. Despite his grueling schedule, his commitment to dressing the part is always on time as you’ll find that he’s always ready to be photographed.

It doesn’t matter whether the occasion calls for a denim, white polo and earthy hush puppy combo with an accessorized pair aviator shades, or the one-two punch of a fitted suit, complete with a crisp white shirt, understated tie, and ‘Clark Kent inspired frames, Mr. Lemon is always what? Dapperly dressed for the occasion.

In an April 2018 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Baton Rouge native stated that his classic style, which is rooted in his upbringing, gives him all the versatility he needs.“I grew up on preppy; white bucks, blue blazers, and khaki pants. My style hasn’t veered far from that because I think its classic.”  Lemon’s style: Abercrombie Classic, preppy, and direct and to-the-point. You can read more of his interview with the Hollywood reporter here.

Instructed by Idris Elba (@idriselba)

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Golden Globe award winner Idris Elba is a gentleman of distinction who needs no recognition. The Long Walk to Freedom star, to the delight of his 1.9 million Instagram followers, is all but camera shy.

This British heartthrob has been recognized as an icon in the world of fashion Men’s Fashion Magazine and you’d have to be blind not to understand why.

He can be seen on the one’s and two’s in the DJ booth where he hypes internationally renowned parties under the alter ego of Big Driis. Often times he’s seen performing in Ibiza while dancing his heart out in nothing more than a simple black tee, fitted stressed jeans while sporting a pair of state of the art headphones, a Brietling Avenger sport watch and, of course, an age defying smile.

A further study of the Brit’s photos uncovers his arsenal of simple dark trousers, solid long sleeved thermals, boots, knit caps and wool pea coats. His evening wear choices include classic dark suits, subtle colored cotton shirts, and dark skinny ties. But, when night falls, the oh-so-hot Heimdall wows spectators with his uncanny ability to rock simple, yet elegant black tuxedos.

Instructed by Pharrell Williams (@Pharrell)

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Pharell Williams, is one of the most unique artists of our time and needs little introduction.  When it comes to fashion, there is no doubt that he is the master and probably the messiah of eccentricity. One part Andy Warhol, one part Betsey Johnson and all parts Pharrell, this artist’s unconventionality continues to push envelopes.

Be careful. This is no easy feat.  


This American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, fashion icon consistently delivers a style that is very much an extension of the artist himself. He doesn’t follow trends; he sets them through self-expression.   

Join 11.1 of Pharrell’s followers and you will see fashion statements and pieces that you’ve probably never seen before, as many of his selections have yet to be released to the public.

Crazy collaborative kicks, with Adidas, steal the show every time in black and primary colors.  His ripped, tapered jeans show off colorful socks and demands focus on bright N.E.R.D. hoodies, t-shirts, and backward caps. His own Human Made Brand of leather bomber jackets, socks, and playful jumpsuits,  offers colors, generate excitement, celebrates hip-hop pop culture effortlessly and intrigues his followers.

Even his evening wear is uniquely expressive with its Asian inspired tapestries, Eddie Munster inspired short pant suits and ridiculously fashionable, oversized hats. Pharell’s Style: Bellboy Hip-Hop, Skateboard Slick, and Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

So whether you are sharing pics of you and your friends having shots of Patron after a concert, or posting a quick selfie after leaving the gym in a pair of gunmetal Flexon Sun aviator sunglasses after a workout, your fashion sense tells the story of your style much more efficiently than any text post ever could.

Remember that pictures are no longer just worth a thousand words. The advent of social media has given us a tool that allows us to catalogue our fashion as well as our sense of style. Achieve the art of mastering snapshot readiness by using the lessons we’ve put together here or completely forego them in an effort to carve out your own identity. Just remember that whatever you choose to do, do it with style.


Jeremy Carter