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JANUARY | 2018





If you haven’t heard of Lenny Harold then that mattress in your room isn’t the only thing that you’ve slept on. It’s time to wake up. In 2002 Lenny, performing under the name of Chanj, shook the table by taking the stage of the world famous Apollo Theater where he covered Floetry’s “Say Yes”.

Lenny has since blessed us with “The Journal Of Wonders: Tale Of The Phoenix In The Moon Labyrinth” in 2011,“Yesterday Morning” in 2013 and “Mayday”, a spirited and well-timed response to the senseless, yet somehow legal, killing of unarmed men and children of color by the police in 2014.


Harold’s latest release, “Mountain High” is an album which literally takes its listeners to spiritual heights, making it worthy of its namesake. In the midst of accomplishing all of this, Lenny somehow found time lend his voice to collaborative efforts with independent artists such as Nefew, Dean Martin, and EMW. He's also toured the world with Blackstreet, and founded Drink Up The Music, Inc., a full-service artist development and Management company. Its pretty safe to assume that

Mr. Harold is as busy as he is talented, however, he was gracious enough to grant Reignbeaux Lux its first interview.

One of the things that anyone who has met Lenny knows is that he's humble to a fault and is as grounded as they come. We started our interview with Lenny by inquiring about when he knew he could sang.

RBX: At what point in your life did you realize that your vocal chords were the manger that black baby Jesus slept in?

LH: "...the manger though? Well, I credit me realizing the gift God gave me to my Father.  Lenny goes on to recount performing at a talent show while in middle school and on how his father, a man who he'd never seen cry, commended him on his performance.

LH: "He understood why I was so passionate about music. This moment was a powerful moment I will never forget.

Harold released a triad of gems last year with his singles “Decisions” and “Shadows of You”. The coup de grâce, however, was the unveiling of “Mountain High”, part one of an upcoming trilogy. We inquired as to whether or not Lenny was going to pull a Maxwell on us and make us wait for the follow up.

RBX: When should we expect parts two and three, or are you gonna Black Summers Night Us by making us wait forever? We’re not waiting seven years, Lenny!

LH:  "You will get part two, which is entitled "WARRIOR,” very soon. But, you will also be getting something else very special from me. Let’s just say the creativity took over and a gift, for all my Wonders, was produced!"

Lenny has been in the game for an admirable amount of time and he, like many other singers, has had to bear the frustration of being compared to other artists. However Lenny doesn't take the same approach to the issue of comparison as Mariah Carey did when being compared to Arianna Grande.

LH: "You know what’s funny? I haven’t really been compared to many. Only recently, people have said that Bruno Mars reminds them of me. Mainly people tell me that they can hear my influences when I sing, it’s never a solid comparison. I’ve never been sure if that’s a blessing or not."

Lenny's first project gave him the opportunity to showcase his range. While we wouldn't compare him to anyone specifically, you'd have to have been tone deaf after listening the The Journal of Wonders without hearing his influences and the way that they impact his sound.

LH: "My sound is what makes me happy with a splash of drama. It’s what excites me, gets my blood boiling. If I’m moved by it then I know others will be too. That sound is a melting pot of R&B, Funk, Soul, Rock, Alternative, Experimental…everything. Each song has a different character that aids in its feeling to help describe the story of that moment being put to song. So, the musical elements may change at any given moment." While many of Lenny's fans can identify what their favorite Lenny Harold song is, we thought it'd be interesting to ask Lenny what his favorite Lenny Harold song is and why.

LH: "Oh wow, I have a few, but I think right now I would say, “Stop Time”. I say that song because it takes me to another place. Whenever I sing it, it’s always like the first time I’ve sung it. The love and energy in that song just warms people. I absolutely love it !"


There has and there has always been something about Lenny that makes him stand out. Maybe its his soothing swag, maybe its his falsetto, maybe its his calming presence. Who knows? One thing for certain and two things for sure, he's anything but average, but despite this he's always working to be better for himself and his fans.

Last November Harold posted a blog on his website titled "I just wanna sing for you" where he states that since youth, his goal has been to change lives through music and you can't be an agent of change without growth. Since the release of "The Journal of Wonders" Lenny has learned how to communicate his creativity more effectively. This, according to Harold, came as a result of him learning that some of his fans didn't really connect to the album in the same way he did.

LH: "Some, time after that I released “Yesterday Morning”. Which was my way of clearly speaking and it was better received. There I had a foundation to stand on."

You can find more on this in the video below.

From that came the birth of the first part of the New Testament series, Mountain High- a point in Lenny's career where he says he learned more about himself as an artist.

LH: "I could shed all the programming I’ve had from the industry and get back to what ignites me as an artist. It taught me and set me on a path to evolve myself freely."

Lenny was unable to tell us about the upcoming projects that he's working on but he did admit that music was taking up a lot of his time. No matter what it is he's got up his sleeves, it'll be exceptional to say the least. Having gone from taking the world by storm after performing on the Apollo to his most recent release of Mountain High, Harold is not only showing us how he caught the eye of Quincy Jones and Teddy Riley, but why.

Visit Lennyharold.com for more information!

Jeremy Carter