A Gentleman's Guide





Black is a staple when it comes to fashion. Its slimming, goes with just about anything and can add a dash of class to any ensemble you can imagine. You can tone down a black suit with any solid color crew neck tee, and class up a pair of jeans with a classic black button down shirt. A pair of black underwear casts the perfect silhouette, and black socks not only hide the dirt we so often see with white socks, but they’re so versatile that you won’t be judged in the event that you have to take your shoes off after entering the home of a friend who doesn’t allow shoes anywhere past his doorway. Black, as a color is more vivid than many give it credit for. However, there are still some of us who aren’t doing it right, which depending on who you ask, isn’t a hard mistake to make because black isn’t as basic as one might think. (lead up to the rules).



Is black a universal style staple? Yes. Do you want to run around town looking like Batman? Maybe. One thing a lot of us get wrong when wearing black is that we don’t take advantage of how fun wearing it can be. There are rules to wearing black, and the most important of these rules is that you stray as far away as possible from looking like a Starbucks barista. Uniformarity is a big no-no when wearing all black, which is why mixing and matching is important. You can mix colors and match textures or match colors while mixing textures as long as you do either and not neither. Doing either will land you a win in that your selection will catch more eyes than there are i’s in the word floccinaucinihilipilification, which, in case you were wondering is the action or habit of estimating something as worthless. But doing neither, well, that's just lazy. Spend a little time mixing fabrics and textures to create a sophisticated style of your own.  Start segregating your blacks with True Rock Men’s Texture 1/2 zip mock neck sweater. This sweater is a poly-cotton blend with a rib hem to ensure a sung fit. It features a faux leather pull tab on the zipper and is long sleeved with ribbed cuffs, but shop with caution as the product runs small.



Any artist will tell you that the best canvases are white, but anyone who knows true style will tell you that the best canvas is black. A quick study of physics will tell you that white is the presence of all colors, but we know that there’s no better way to show these colors off than black. Its strong contrast serves as the perfect platform for making the rest of your outfit pop. All you need is a splash...of color. Compliment your all black dinner attire with a strong and solid jacket or accessory.  Sure that red suit jacket goes well with the suit it was purchased with, but if you mix and match it with the all black suit you’ve been sitting on for the past year, you’ll see just what adding a splash of color can do. Bold colors and symmetrical designs will take you from all black to all black. And, because that was the corniest thing we’ve probably ever written, we’re including some considerations that are sure to get you a seat at the table with the cool kids.

Break away from basic black with D’IYANU’s Lanere Men’s African print long sleeve shirt ( pictured above, $ 39.99 USD). Not only will this shirt scream “freedom now” but its soft cotton construct makes it a perfect winter wear. This masterpiece features a unique African print applique and features a red navy stripe. It can be dressed up with a pair of black slacks or casually worn with your favorite pair of jeans. Add your splash now by visiting D’yanu here.



Accessories are no longer just for women. We might not have as many options as today’s modern woman, but we, too, can accessorize. Who gon check us, boo? Accessories give us the opportunity to express our fashionable individuality, create style and separates us from them. Everybody who's anybody accessorizes, and while most accessories find themselves muted among cornucopias of color, we don’t have this problem when it comes to our beloved blacks. Our accessories will be the last thing we put on, but the first thing people see. This goes doubly when wearing black as our accessories become the center of attention. Between belts and ties, socks, suspenders, bracelets, watches and necklaces, we’ve got options and its important that those options are as visible as possible. Hitting the bar in an all black monochromatic number? Pair the look with a silver or gold wristwatch. You might also consider a brightly colored belt or shoe as well, just make sure you comply with the less is more rule. Remember that you’re only as memorable as your best accessory. Check out this month’s considerations below and discover why accessorizing is just another way you can use an all black palette as a platform to showcase your accessories.


Spend a little time with this Itizey’s men’s leather ratchet belt with automatic sliding buckle. Accessorize your black with this simply styled wide strapped adjustable belt by clicking here.  Itizey is giving you versatility with this piece as you’ll enjoy the ways in which you can wear this belt in casual or formal settings alike. Not only is the belt buckle removable and interchangeable, but you can change the belt colors to suit your black-ass style. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and the undeniable power of black is no exception. It can be as sinister as it can be sophisticated, is timeless and will never go out of style. Black is slimming, gives its wearer a sultry and stylish sex appeal and it deserves our very best. Spend a little time exploring and exploiting all the things you can do with black this month, and beyond to discover why it alone, survives the fickleness of fashion.

Jeremy Carter