A Gentleman's Guide




Robert Nelson


The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect and to ditch all of the year’s dearly departed trends. While they may have seemed like good ideas at the time, its okay to admit that they were nothing more than poor style choices and their memories should be burned to keep us from carrying the same mistakes into 2019. As 2018 comes to an end, we challenge you to envision a new sense of style for yourself in 2019 by embracing the future and ridding yourself of the past by discarding those old threads and making way for a fashionably progressive future with three of our best suggestions!



Sagging jeans were inspired by the ban on belts in the US prison system and were adopted as an anti-authoritarian statement by LA gangs and hip-hop stars during the 1990s. The trend has continued its progress as we come close to the entering the second decade of the 21st century under the guise of urban fashion.  And unless you’re auditioning for a role in a John Singleton film, its safe to say that sagging jeans denote poor judgment. Let’s leave this trend to the kids who choose to defy their parents and a mature sense of style as they work to discover their true fashion selves.

Let 2019 serve as a catalyst in changing the face of urban denim by wearing jeans that not only fit but compliment your natural physique. Create a smarter, more modern look for 2019, one that celebrates urban culture with a metropolitan swag. Master the look with a pair of Slim fit Denim Straight Silhouette jeans which feature five pocket styling and accurate stitching at the back pockets with a zip fly button closure closure. These jeans are poly cotton blend, offer a slim hip and thigh fit and sit below the waist. Assess your community in this cool fitted look and turn the sights and sounds of your neighborhood into a cultural display of music, arts, and life in an all American look of Levis and denim.  This pant offers plenty of crotch room and styles similar to the one pictured can be found here.



December Party shirt.jpg

The party shirt is sometimes as over-thought as it is overdone and is usually the big white elephant in the room. This problematic piece of shimmer and decadence fabric originated in the early seventies, continued to persist well into the post disco era of the eighties and finally met its maker during the cross color explosion of the nineties. However, has since found an occasional second wind during the early two thousands. We can blame Diddy and the ideal that the start of a new millennium called for everything to shine for the shiny party shirt, but we can thank God for the fact that people began to realize that these freaks of fashion made us look like an out of touch uncle who believed that garments like this could single-handedly covey a look!

Ugliness aside, the main issue is that we don’t need a wardrobe dedicated to going out because in 2019 we’re going to dress for where we’re heading and not the fact that we’re heading there. Discard the party shirt and go for something smart and casual by blending new items that will makes you the life of the holiday party. Create a warm welcome with an approachable, festive look in blue, grey, or brown wool cardigan layered in your favorite solid colored V-neck sweater and a layered shirt with a welcomed display of color.  Feel free to communicate your smart playful side in a favorite tie. Prepare to be adored across the room while you sip ginger ale. Baby, it’s cold outside. Create the look with Threadbare’s men’s wool mix knitted cardigan sweater (21.98) here.



December Men Ugg No!.jpg

Uggs were once thought of as being a bold trend  but soon flopped despite the fact that fashion forward celebrities such as Pharell Willams were photographed in what some have called a frumpy disaster. They are sad in appearance, awkward in their motion and the question of “why” continues to be at the forefront of their existence. We recommend stepping into 2019 with a similar look and a stronger shoe by kicking it with a pair of Nike Air Force One’s. Nike first showcased these beauties in 1982 and they were the first basketball shoe to use the brand’s ‘air’ technology. This shoe is a cultural classic and while it might be reminiscent of the Timberland and the frumpy Ugg it has so much more to offer as its more sturdy and stands up to the cold in a way that an Ugg could never. With their beige leather uppers, side wall and toe box overlays, Nike’s Air Force 1 High ‘07s offer a new version of the classic basketball model as they’re made of first-class materials, boast a rubber sole that provides an excellent grip, foam midsole and a hook-and-loop strap for stability. Master the look with no regrets with a pair of Nike Air Force 1 High '07 LV8s ! You can thank us later.

Bring in the New Year by saying farewell to the trends that sabotaged our judgment and hindered us from being the fashion forward Beauxs we  were meant to be by walking into the radiance of 2019 with optimism and a fresh sensible sense of style while leaves the foolishness of fashion faux pauxs behind!

Jeremy Carter