A Gentleman's Guide

AUGUST | 2018




With August continuing to sizzle with scorching temperatures and no sure sign of cooling down in sight, now is the perfect time to make the last days of summer your bitch. Live out your fantasies in the sunshine and under the moonlight in some of the sexiest garments on the planet, while maintaining your own authentic sex appeal.  

It’s clear as silicon based lubrication that the heat of summer calls for downright sexy fashion statements and beckons for more skin and hot, sweaty bodies in some of the most provocative and alluring attire.

Go ahead, take your friends up on the idea of a fun weekend in the sun and book that trip to Miami after copping yourself a pair of Dita Eyewear’s, Mach 5 with their over the top sexy badass frames. Walk it like you talk it up and down Venice Beach this summer in D&G Men’s Logo Tape Sweat Shorts for the less fussy, yet equally sexy on the beach. Prepare a bike ride along Chicago’s North Avenue beach in a pair of Rufskin’s Raven Black Stretch Jockstraps, under sheer beach shorts, just for the fun of it.



Interested in really taking it there? Check out brands like Greg Homme, Rufskin, PUMP!, Diesel, and ADDICTED for edgy underwear, swimwear, thongs, tanks, and  jockstraps in various colors, fabrics and styles. Don't be shy about taking your sexy to the masses before the August sun goes all the way down on you.

Feeling really ambitious and confident? Explore Gregg Homme, known for provocative, cutting edge designs featuring excellent quality, unique styles and perfect fits.  This line offers an array of bright, fun colors of men’s underwear, shirts, loungewear, sleepwear, and more. Gregg Homme remains a leader in perfecting and revolutionizing men’s clothes from G-strings and thongs to muscle shirts and fetish wear.

Nothing gets hotter this season than what Rufskin cooks up with their bulge-enhancing natural pouch underwear in majenta, ocean blue and black. Rufskin takes sexy into overdrive whether you can take it all or not.  The ZORB leads the collection with a futuristic harness with an arched spacer mesh chest plate. Adjustable elastic straps wrap the torso, joined by square ring hardware at the neck and hip. 100% polyester and 100% sexy, uniquely masculine underwear, swimwear, activewear for the hottest days when you are simply uber cool.

If you are looking to get PUMP(ed)!, this popular brand leads the pack with the latest and newest collection of sexy and innovative styles of boxers, briefs, jockstraps, joggers, and tank tops.  PUMP! Underwear combines a sense of sport with fun fashion trends and daring ideas. With color choices usually revolving around striking reds with contrasting whites and popping blacks, PUMP! Underwear bulges out among the crowd.


Depending on what you consider to be sexy, its definition can include such fashion familiarities as fitted stressed jeans and a simple Hanes v neck t-shirt (on the body of god, of course), a black tuxedo with white Egyptian cotton French cuffs, diamonds and platinum, or camouflage military army cargos complete with dog tags over wheat Timberlands and the au natural scent of pure patchouli.



It’s cliché but it’s true: Donning a confident attitude is way more than half the battle when it comes to flaunting all that hotness that we, at Reignbeaux, know you have deep inside of you. Your style has to reflect your personality  with a bit of added daring confidence. So, whether you’re more dressed or less dressed, just make sure that you’re rocking it.

Melting the hearts of gawking admirers like vanilla ice cream dripping down waffle cones this summer can be just as much fun as licking up the melted cream itself.

While some will fumble through their closets this summer strategically planning for a sexy, wow moment, consider allowing sex appeal to come naturally for you. Your look should make you feel totally confident, free, and sexy.  

Accomplish this by coming up with a previously unimaginable look inspired by any of these brands that surely satisfy the insatiable desires of Beauxs everywhere for provocation and seduction.

Your look should make you feel climatically confident, free, and sexy.   While sexy is in the eye of the beholder, sexy is a state of mind. Keep it hot, keep it safe, and keep it sexy.

Jeremy Carter