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APRIL | 2018

APRIL | 2018 | STYLE


The Classic Look for Less Spring Fashion Challenge

Some believe that they have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve the chic looks found on runways and within urban couture society. And then there are those of us who simply have incredible style and more importantly, the eye to achieve such looks for much less.   With a little patience and a keen eye, any Beaux can take measure to do the same and enjoy those additional savings.

Think of a time that you may have attended a jazz festival, a Sunday morning service, or had a memorable night on the town for a play or drinks with friends only to notice a very distinguished Beaux who obviously had a keen sense of style.  Recall the moment that you took a second glance at his watch, his trousers, a sports coat or his selection of eyewear to simply block the haters or create mystic.

Without the price tags, none of us can be absolutely sure if his chicness broke the bank or not, yet many of us recognize quality fabric, intentional, yet effortless styling, amazing fit, the attention to details that make a huge impact on a look and the overall comfort and confidence a gentleman exudes.

So often we covet what we see on the runways and spend much more money than we can actually afford in hopes of achieving a similar chic look. Too often we are oblivious to what works best for our budget, body type, and optimal expression of who we are and what we wish to project to the public for practical purposes.

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I had the privilege to be raised by a mother who juggled the roles of seamstress, cosmetologist, and homemaker who instilled in me the fashion, grooming and lifestyle skills needed to be the Beaux I am rapidly today.

Mother never missed the opportunity to provide the ABC’s of achieving a classic look that transcended trends and lent itself to a constant foundation of fashion.

A: “Don’t Overspend!”

Good quality clothing does not have to be from an expensive designer collection.  Overspending on classic clothing is a waste of money. It is not necessary for the Beaux Man to spend $500 on a white cotton button-down shirt when one can find one of equal quality for much less.   “Recognize quality and well-constructed and properly fitted classic items”, mama used to say.

It doesn’t matter that you find classic items that fit your style and quality standards on eBay, your local gently used designer clothing store or consignment shop or on clearance at Saks or Marshall.

B: “Stick to the Classics and Develop your Individual Style from There”


Pay very close attention to quality fabrics, colors, fit and cut: “Recognize premium natural fabrics and shy away from trends,” momma used to say.  Linens, wools, and all natural cotton are constants and trump pricey high-end shops and markups every time. Colors should reflect nature as well as seasons. Clothing must fit well and the cut must not be dated.

Classics rarely go out of style and the better the quality, the longer they last. Trends come and go with limited wear. Classic items are easier to individualize with your own sense of style.  Add careful selected and affordable accessories and make a statement with well-made shoes and eyewear to complete your individualized classic look.

C: “Groom Yourself inside and Out”

Perfect your grooming habits.  Mother always stressed the importance of grooming and attitude. Achieving a look begins with your grooming and is polished with your confidence.  Well-groomed hair, beards, nails, clean crisp clothing, fragrance, a great smile, and overall proper hygiene are equally important and are essential for the classic look of a Beaux man.

Ensure that shoes are polished, belts are in great condition, and clothing is clean and fits properly.  

Exude confidence and positivity and therein begins the polishing of your classic look.  Everyone loves a well-dressed man who is confident and knows who he is and who he is becoming.  Meditate, exercise, pray, have great safe sex, enjoy life or choose to forgive yourself and be happy.   This practice will assist you in creating your inner glow.

Take the classic Beaux challenge with a friend or independently!  Select three distinctive spring looks from a website or magazine. Think office meeting, an evening with friends over coffee or beer, and weekend party with someone special.

Create a realistic budget for each look and stick to it like glue.  Visit a consignment shop or two, a unique trendy resale shop, or peruse eBay for gently used quality items to create each look.   Be patient and remember the ABC’s mom taught. Have fun, look great and enjoy the savings. Send side by side pictures of the look and the look you created.  Share with us how much you saved and share your experience.


Written by Robert Nelson for ReignBeaux Lux Style


Jeremy Carter